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聘牧广告 Pastoral Search


芝城海德园基督教改革宗长老会(位于芝加哥大学附近), 聘请一位全职主任牧师:

  1.  受过正统神学训练

  2.  接纳改革宗教义

  3.  流利国语证道,英语沟通良好 (能英文证道者更佳)


黄志豪长老: pastoral_search@hydeparkcrc.org

Seeking a Chinese-speaking Pastor


Hyde Park Christian Reformed Church (Near University of Chicago) is seeking a full-time Chinese-speaking pastor:

  1.  Must be a bona fide seminary graduate

  2.  Must accept Christian Reformed Church's doctrines

  3.  Able to preach fluently in Mandarin, able to communicate in English (ability to preach in English desirable)

Those interested should email their resumes and their testimonies of calling to:

Elder Chih-Hao Huang: pastoral_search@hydeparkcrc.org